Meet Kalie Frye, Cedarview’s ADON and Memory Care Unit Director. As the Director of the Memory Care Unit Kalie has completed specific training to ensure the best quality of life for residents with Memory Impairments.

Kalie completed Dementia Capable Care Training, which focuses on a person-centered approach in order to help staff recognize, understand, and help bring out the remaining abilities of the patient at every stage of dementia. Kalie is now Dementia Care Specialist Certified which gives her the ability to train all staff to the Dementia Capable Care Program. Bi-monthly trainings are held off-site for all staff including, nursing, dietary, housekeeping, maintenance and management. By working together as a team, the bi-monthly training assures that everyone is on the same page in regards to the Memory Care Unit program.

Many people with dementia experience difficulties with their sight and perception which could cause some misinterpretation of their surroundings. Often dementia patients do not want to eat because they are not stimulated or their perception is altered, they cannot see the plate the food is on. In the Memory Care Unit, staff have implemented the “blue plate experiment”. The color blue is one of the last colors to remain in memory. Kalie decided to buy new dishware for the Memory Care Unit, as studies have shown that serving residents their meals on blue plates has helped residents maintain a balanced diet and increase resident’s appetites up to 23 percent.

When asked what she is most excited about for the Memory Care Unit, Kalie shared, “I am excited to see the next stages of the program being implemented. Soon there will be new sensory and textile type activities to add to the current Memory Care Activity program, an aquarium and remodeling to enhance the resident’s surroundings”.